Care For Your Plant Without Harming Nature Itself

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How We Care For your Garden and Environment

100% Natural Product

Our Products are wholesomely made from nature.
Nothing artificial.

Bee Friendly

Our products cater for your safety and the safety of the environment e.g by ensuring that they are safe for Bees

Boost Flower Growth

As you shop our products, you can rest assured that your beautiful roses and other flowers are safe.

Best Garden Care

We offer 100% biological product developed and produced for every garden. Can also be used indoor!

Home Environment

Our product contribute to the health and growth of nature

Safe & Speedy Growth

Our goal is to always identify solutions that come straight from nature, without the use of chemicals, while safeguard the natural life cycle.

Safe For Vegetables

With our products, you can safely grow your favorite vegetable and make your vegetable garden healthier and greener.

Green Garden

Made using tree extracts from all around the world, we are happy to make a substantial contribution to the critically endangered ecological life cycle.


Our Approach

Our company is focusing on contributing to the world ecological situation. Water and nature are the base of life and both we have to respect and use is economically as well as ecologically.

With our product and the products in development we follow the green idea, from the nature for nature. Apart from fertilizer and plant booster business we are also active in water well drilling and exploration of water sources all over the world.

Water is essential for life. Having the possibility to contribute bringing water to the people having no water is something which can´t be measured with money.

Michael & Minister of Water Tanzania


Years Of Experience

Making a change to keep the environment safe


Successful Projects

100+ successful projects accomplished



Over 500 plus satisfied customers all over the world