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Yes, the product is made of trees extracts only!

No, this product is vegan, it´s not organic like EM!

Typically you should use it in week 1, 1 time, in week 2, 1 time and then after three weeks again 1 time in pouring technique.
When spraying you reach faster results and you use it when plants are obviously weak or sick, or are attacked by small pests. Then you can spry it every day until you see improvement.

This product comes as concentrate and can be diluted with regular water from the tap or rain water up to 100-120 litres.

Field of Applications

This section is a dynamic section, because BLI can be used in so many different fields that permanent questions arise, which we put in time order below.

We recommend to pour the tress for weeks, each week 1 time. Pour before lightly with water only, so that the ground around the tress gets wet. Then you put 1/10l in a 10l can and pour the trees. If you have just few trees you can keep the rest in the can, it will not expire.

Yes, because of it´s high concentration on tannins the bitter taste helps to get rid off the louses. In the same time the roses will be strengthened from BLI through the leaves.

You reach a double effect by using BLI!

Yes, BLI can also be used for vegetables. Pour it one week after planting the vegetables and then each second week. In case you get louses or small pests you can also spray BLI direct on the leaves and blossoms.

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