supporting/financing water and trees project


Going Green
our contribution to nature

We are living from the nature, with the nature and we should also give something back to nature. That´s our understanding of a real nature life cycle.

That´s why we decided to contribute either with own projects or participate in already existing projects, which are related to water sources or tree planting.

Up to 10% of our  net profit will be used for water projects or tree planting projects.

Water - the source of life

Water is a very important resource the human being often doesn´t honor enough or even exhaust, only to increase profit in different fields of activities.
That´s why we help to establish water sources and produce water where people, animals and nature is in real need.

Trees - the oxygen of life

Cutting trees in huge dimensions without planting new ones should be normal for everybody who understands the balance of life. Unfortunately this balance is dramatically negative. Much more trees are cutted down then planted. We want to support that this balance is a little bit more positive.


The projects we plan to realize will deal with these two main topics and we will keep you updated on this site, trying to be visible and clear in our project status.


Projects Gallery
down here you will find later on updates to our projects